Below you'll find our aftercare instructions, they will be explained to you by one of our piercers after
your procedure, you will also get them in a printed format when you leave.
Please follow them as closely as possible, if something doesn't seem right contact us.

Keep in mind that piercings will swell, as well as weep during the early stages of healing. These are not signs of infection, this is normal.If, however, you experience extreme weeping, swelling or pain: don't hesitate to contact us.

NEVER use surgical spirits or any other strong antiseptic agents to clean your piercings, these will cause irritation, scarring and keloids. We do provide saline, so if you run out you can come in and get some more, alternatively you can use 1/4 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup (250ml) of warm water, be sure to dissolve all the salt.
Please follow these instructions as closely as possible, over-cleaning can also cause irritation.

Problems such as keloids are not always hygiene related, all bodies will react differently and healing times will differ. However: bear in mind when dealing with keloids that irritation is caused by touching, fiddling, aggressive cleaning, over-cleaning and in the case of ear cartilage piercings, sleeping on the side your piercing is placed on.

Try to keep the initial jewellery in your piercing for the minimum healing period as listed below except for tongue, labret and lip piercings, in which case, please adhere to what your piercer says regarding jewellery change times.

VARIOUS GENITALS:  2-5 months NIPPLE/EYEBROW:  6-9 months

  1. DO NOT PLAY WITH YOUR PIERCING. Dirty hands will cause infection and the unnecessary movement will cause irritation. Please don't play with your piercing.
  2. Make sure your hands have been thoroughly cleaned, dry them off on a clean towel. Never clean your piercing before cleaning your hands.
  3. Keep the cleaning area clean, wipe off surfaces, dirty surfaces can cause cross contamination.
  4. Clean your piercings twice a day (morning and night) for the first month, thereafter only when it weeps. Over cleaning or cleaning for too long can irritate your piercing
  5. Saturate an cotton bud in the saline solution then gently (very gently) wipe the crusty area, this will gently remove any stubborn plasma build up. Do not pick or scratch! This can damage healing tissue.
  6. Crust will develop around the entry and exit holes of your piercing, if soaking does not remove them saturate an ear bud in the saline solution then gently (very gently) wipe the crusty area, this will gently remove any stubborn build up, do not pick/ scratch at them this can damage healing tissue.
  7. Dry off your piercing with a clean cotton bud.
  1. Eat only soft foods for the first few days (no less than 4), yoghurt, mashed potatoes, custard etc..
  2. Using a mouthwash, rinse your mouth after eating, drinking and smoking. It's best not to smoke, but if necessary, keep it to a bare minimum.
  3. Swelling can be reduced by using an over the counter anti-inflammatory, alternatively by holding ice in your mouth.
  4. Expect your piercing to bleed randomly during the first two weeks. Your piercing will also weep plasma into your mouth, not nice, but it happens.
  5. Do not exchange bodily fluids e.g. kissing for at least 8 weeks to avoid infections and various infectious diseases.
  6. After a minimum of 2 weeks come back to us so we can change your initial bar for a shorter one to prevent damage to your teeth
    and gums


Follow the external and oral piercing procedures, after 3 weeks come back to us so we can change your jewellery to a shorter bar, again, preventing any damage to your teeth and gums.